Thursday, November 3, 2011

Survey says: a call to action

I created the 2011 ClojureCLR Survey to get some guidance on moving ClojureCLR forward. The survey results give pretty clear indication of what needs to be worked on to move ClojureCLR forward.

The writeup is a bit long.  So that the whole thing is  not just "tl;dr" for the masses, I'll split it into multiple posts.

Spoiler alert: Here are all the action items suggested in the various posts.

Action item: Ask Rich Hickey and Clojure/core to clarify their position and/or plans re ClojureCLR.

Action item: Now that there is blog (here!), use it to inform and educate the community.

Clojure/contrib lib ports 
Action item: Provide ports of key libs to 'prime the pump'.
Action item: Illustrate the porting process and provide more detailed guidelines.
Action item: Find a way to manage maintenance of ported libs.

Action item: Provide better documentation and examples for interop at the class/method level, particularly for things not in the Java world, such as true generic classes and methods, by-ref parameters, etc.
 Action item: Provide tutorial examples of interop with key MS frameworks: Linq, ASP.NET/MVC, Reactive Framework, WPF, TPL.
Action item: Provide tutorial examples of C# calling back into ClojureCLR. 

Action item: Identify smaller libraries that would benefit from wrappers and implement same. 

Action item: Develop a version of Leiningen supporting ClojureCLR projects (nlein?) 
Action item: Develop a NuGet distribution for ClojureCLR, and perhaps ported contrib libs
Action item: Develop Emacs support for ClojureCLR
Action item: Improve VS integration (vsClojure?)
Action item: Investigate Mono compatibility 

Does this look like a reasonable agenda for the immediate future of ClojureCLR development.  The lines are open and agents are standing by to take your call.

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