Thursday, November 3, 2011

Survey says: viability is number one

I'm not surprised viability is the #1 concern.  This concen boils down to:
  1. ClojureCLR has no official status.
  2. ClojureCLR has no community.
ClojureCLR is obviously pretty much a one-person operation.  The project's relationship to the overall Clojure effort is not clear.  There is one mention on the home page of  If you search for 'CLR' on, you will get three hits: one for an article stub for installing on CLR/VS (I didn't know that existed until just now); one mention as a possible backend for CinC; and a mention on the JIRA workflow page.  Since the JIRA workflow sends all requests through Clojure/core members that bring us back to the 'no official status':  Clojure/core does not appear to acknowledge the existence of ClojureCLR.  

For some, the lack of official status is enough by itself to preclude any use of ClojureCLR.  The comments for "what do you need to see to improve confidence [in viability]" include:
  • Visible support and contributions from Clojure brass would go a long way to showing viability as well.
  • I need Rich Hickey and clojure/core to give the utmost "seal of approval" that ClojureCLR is 100% feature complete for a given version of Clojure proper. To a degree (i.e. for my boss), ClojureCLR needs to be released BY clojure/core and will not be considered until it is.
  • A dedicated core community that is focused exclusively on the CLR (probably precludes any existing Clojure/dev or Clojure/core people?).
  • CLR should be taking as seriously as JS or JVM targets by Rich and his entourage.
  • real endorsement from people at Clojure head
Out-of-band, I've received additional comments that the absence of ClojureCLR from and the fact that the ClojureCLR repo did not move from to along with Clojure and the contribs (and now also ClojureScript) are at least highly suspect.

There's not much I can do about this concern, except to:
Action item: Ask Rich Hickey and Clojure/core to clarify their position and/or plans re ClojureCLR.
The answer to this question could affect the other actions items, but I won't second-guess that.

As for (2), community, that deserves its own post.

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