Saturday, December 24, 2011

ClojureCLR has a new home

The survey action items had as item #1 the following:
Action item: Ask Rich Hickey and Clojure/core to clarify their position and/or plans re ClojureCLR.
You can refer to the post on viability to to get a better sense of what responders were looking for.

As a result of a discussions with core, ClojureCLR has moved to a better neighborhood.  The repo has moved under the clojure group at github:
joining the mainline Clojure project, ClojureScript and the contrib libs.

ClojureCLR is now an official project under
Issues will be managed through this site.   We will continue to maintain RHCAH: Rich Hickey Contributor Agreement Hygiene.  Please have a CA on file with Rich before submitting patches.

I've used the move as an opportunity to rewrite and reorganize the wiki pages.  I'll be posting entries here on some of the newest material, such as the improved support for generic method interop.

This (much appreciated) token of core's regard is likely to be the extent of official support for ClojureCLR  for the time being.  Core does not have sufficient resources for more aggressive stewardship of the project.

The answer to the action item: ClojureCLR is a community-supported project.  If you are interested in the long-term success of Clojure on the CLR, roll up your sleeves.

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